Lucky '13: Keith Garcia, programming manager for the Sie FilmCenter

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What's your resolution for 2013?

I would like to make 2013 the year I actually start making things happen for myself. Long-standing things. Number one on that list: I need to make (movies) myself. I've spent so many years of my life watching movies and programming movies and talking to people who make movies that I've got a laundry list of movies I need to make myself. I need to figure out how they fit into my world, and I need to get it done.

There are stories to tell, and there are people, currently, who I want to tell their stories. And I don't want them to die in fifty years and I haven't told their story. (Laughs)

I know what you mean. Isn't it funny how sometimes,when we are immersed in the thing that we love, wanting to manifest that for ourselves eludes us a little bit.

The number of filmmakers that I've picked up from the airport, had amazing conversations with -- both narrative and documentary filmmakers -- will ask me, do you make films? We'll actually talk about my stuff. I've been given so much advice and have so many people in my corner, it's like, Jesus Christ! Just do it.

I started a documentary on drag in Denver a couple of years ago. I didn't kill it, but it sort of took a nap. I got way too busy to keep up with it. But I've kept up with following the stars of the film, and recently, I had a little palpitation in my heart because I saw that someone else had started doing a documentary. Even though I may not have been impressed with the angle they were taking judging by the trailer, I don't want to stop because someone else is doing it.

I don't like being second-run.

What are you doing New Year's Eve?

I never do anything; I'm not a party person. I don't really like the countdown thing. But someday, if I end up in a relationship, I will happily become a New Year's party person. But from the last few years of being single on New Year's -- it sucks to watch everyone else be like, "baby, I love you! Mwah." Good for you, but, unless you're going to share your boyfriend with me, please don't do that in front of me. (Laughs.)

But I have a friend who's working a concert and I might go to that. But I don't know -- I tend to hate all the bands that get New Year's Eve play, locally. (Laughs.) And I have plenty of TV on DVD that I need to watch, so New Year's is a good night to bust through a season.

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@DenverDoughboy I spend so much time talking about movies in Westword all year that I cherish any moment to talk about other things. One man's vapid is another man's respite. By the way, these questions are part of a series asked to 13 other Denver peeps so get used to their roll out and variety over the next few weeks, Bub.As for my lotto pickin' practices, anyone willing to play using my method is as looney tunes as I am for worrying about such things. It should be noted that I have never won the lottery and I'm pretty sure never will.See you at the Sie FilmCenter!xoxoKeith


Kind of a vapid interview, due probably to the stupid questions posed by Westword rather than Mr. Garcia's answers.  You'd hope that the guy would actually talk about film, which he supposedly is the tastemaker of.  Oh well.   And let me just say that Mr. Garcia's view of how the lottery and random numbers work is as stupid and crazy as Ted Nugent.   How can there be a lottery algorithm that determines which numbers are more likely to miss?  And buying separate tickets to "reset" the algorithm?  That's not math or anything like it; it's as ritualistic as rubbing a rabbit's foot.  Stick to film picking.  (By the way, I enjoyed seeing the remastered Le Grande Illusion last week at the Sie FilmCenter.)   


@constantwatcher  Haha, just follow your own advice and don't bet too much on your lottery method.  Love your film picks by the way; I've been to the theater on Colfax much more this past year.     

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