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Josiah M Hesse
And it doesn't seem like Fancy Tiger is overly concerned with a profit margin. I'm sure it's on your radar, but if you were only concerned with making money you probably would be selling more mainstream clothes. From my perspective, Fancy Tiger appeals to a demographic that sees fashion as an art-form.

I think you're giving me more credit than I deserve.

I'm just saying there are easier ways to make a buck than what you're doing.

True. There are lines that I could carry that I know would sell well, but I don't carry them. I'm not really a salesperson. I don't come from sales. The only way I can sell something is if I'm passionate about it. I always encourage my staff to learn about new [fashion] lines, to have a role in picking them and get excited about them. And that's how we sell stuff. We're genuinely excited about what's in the store. And we can talk about it without sounding contrived, as opposed to someone whose goal is to sell you something regardless of what they think of it.

And that's what stands out about Fancy Tiger. Even Buffalo Exchange will put stuff on their racks that no employee is excited about, but they know will sell.

We're definitely much more of a specialty store. They probably do much bigger numbers than me, but they cast a wide net. I respect what they do, but I could never be happy doing that. It's a brilliant business model, but, yeah.

I could never be happy just selling a product. At the end of the day, that is what I do, but I get excited about throwing events, putting art on the wall, working with people one-on-one, helping to build South Broadway. You believe in what you do so much more when you have a relationship with the community. I could make a lot more money just focusing on selling certain products, but I have to have the events side of [Fancy Tiger], I have to have artists in the store, meeting locals, looking for that next jewelry designer in Denver that we can get before anyone else and have some excitement around it.

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