Lucky '13: Musician and DIY venue operator Gregg Ziemba

Brandon Marshall
What's your resolution for 2013?

I want to keep working really, really hard. We're (Rubedo) going to record a new album in January in Long Beach. We're going to work with (producer) "Ikey" Owens again, and Crystal Antlers is letting us use their studio. It is a really cool studio, tons of vintage gear -- we visited it in October when we were out there on tour. We're spending a lot more time recording this time. I'm just excited to really dig in.

I think we're more confident this time -- I can't speak for the other guys, but I feel like going into the studio and working with people we admire, I was really nervous. But this time around, I feel super confident and ready to make a really good record. We're been spending a lot of time writing a bunch of new songs and we're starting to get our sound really dialed in.

What are you doing New Year's Eve?

It's a funny thing; I'm playing up in Steamboat -- I fill in (on drums) sometimes for this funk band called Rowdy Shadehouse. They are a really cool band -- it's different. It's like the "workhorse" band: They play for like, hours. It's fun to do because it's like a workout. You go in there, wearing your little shorts and no shirt and play for four hours. (Laughs.) Then you get to party with all of these crazy people in Steamboat who love funk music.

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