Reader: There's nothing "strange" about nudism

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Coming clean at the laundromat.
Websites are not the only way to get news about Denver. We love learning about this city by reading the fliers posted on billboards and light posts around town -- fliers that usually hype band gigs, advertise garage sales, or lament lost pets. One flier in particular caught our eye last week. It was an ad for a "gay nudist roommate" -- posted in a laundromat by the Capitol Hill King Soopers.

A strange place to advertise? After all, how much laundry do nudists need to do?

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Forget the ad's placement, says one reader. The real problem with the post was calling the request itself "strange," according to kcaligula2:

"Strange preference".....odd that you find normal and natural to be strange. How sad.

Okay, maybe there's nothing strange about advertising for a nudist roommate in a laundromat -- not given the roommate stories we've heard over the years. Share your strangest roommate saga below.

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I think naturistspace should be naked all the time.. the world would be a more beautiful place.



nothing strange about nudism at all/ I love being nude! I think nudism is just natural and I think it's horrible that it's so frowned apoun, hidden, and outlawed in the majority of places.I am always naked when I can be and when I can be is only when I’m alone in my room. My family doesn't allow it in the rest of the house and the law doesn't allow it outside. I think it has nothing to do with sex, when naturists want to appear more sexual they change the way they are acting and you view them in a whole different way. check my nudist blog to know more about nudism!

A commenter that chose 'kcaligua2' to represent their personality online is offering their impression of what's strange?  We have someone who goes by the name 'Penis' who comments on our site and wonders why he gets no respect... 


  'Strange' does not necessarily mean bad. Nudists are a tad strange, in a nice way! And Ru Paul isn't just a bit... unusual? Do we need to drag out the definition of 'usual'? Ooh, ooh, 'drag'; get it? Not bad for before coffee, huh?


What is not strange, ie, unusual, are those readers who approach an article with preconceptions and poor reading comprehension skills then proceed to skim through, missing the main points of the piece and focusing instead on an irrelevant bit which has nothing to do with the topic but which they can use to demonstrate how offended they are.  Too bad, the part this one missed was pretty funny!

....Personally, we do think those folks are a bit 'strange' in their obsession to find fault and be offended, and their off-topic comments are annoying. But you did get another article out of it and we have this opportunity to invite folks to come to our website and learn all about those 'strange' nudists!

...Now that we've totally ignored your request to talk about strange roommates (haven't really had any, unless you count a barracks full of strangers 'strange'), we'll leave and let someone else talk about how strange we are!


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