Five choice moments from Denver's standup comedy scene in 2012

Fine Gentlman pro 2.jpg
Cam Omlid
1) Sam Tallent's sexual frustration involving cats

Next year will be a good one for comedy albums. Last fall I caught a few top-shelf standup shows that are set to be released on record (read: actual vinyl) sometime next spring. One particular event that stands out was last Halloween, when all four members of the Fine Gentleman's Club descended on the Comedy Works to record their album for Hot Congress Records. After Sam Tallent explained how he accidentally became the face of an anti-rape whistle campaign, he segued into a rant about women's contradictory positions toward men and cats. "If I'd known that women wanted emotionally distant loners that crap in the box in the corner, I never would've changed a thing about myself. . . . Why is it that when cats poop in a box full of sand, the ladies go crazy, but when I poop in a box full of sand, I have to leave the park? It's the cats that should be kicked out -- my taxes pay for that park."

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