"Seeking gay nudist roommate": The best apartment ad we've seen in a long time

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We here at Show and Tell receive tips from a lot of strange and surprising places -- including, recently, a laundromat near the Ninth and Corona King Soopers. That's where one eagle-eyed tipster discovered the most oddly specific (and generally glorious) roommate ad we've ever seen. We'll give you a hint: For this roommate, no shoes and no shirt are definitely no problem. Continue reading for details on the clothing-optional living situation -- and the burning questions the ad inspired in us.

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seeking gay nudist roommate.jpg
The positives in this ad are vast: $525/month in Capitol Hill is almost unheard of these days, and you wouldn't even have to pay extra for utilities. The place already has a Comcast hookup. Plus, your future roommate, despite his strange preference, has a solid grasp on English grammar and mentions absolutely nothing about "putting the lotion on its skin." These are all good signs.

But we've still got questions:
1. Why would a renter seeking someone who doesn't wear clothes advertise in a laundromat?
2. Won't that move be cold in December?
3. What kind of house parties will the two of you throw?

If you apply for this cheap, freeing living situation, be sure to let us know how it works out.

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"strange preference".....odd that you find normal and natural to be strange. How sad.

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