Denver's ten best men's street styles of 2012

All photos by Mauricio Rocha.
While this year is winding down in a frosty cold breath, it's the perfect time to look back on all the hot fashion that Denver saw this past year. By simply strutting down the street in high style, these men expressed their personalities....and made the city look good in the process.

Here are our top ten men's fashion moments -- and check out the fun stuff these guys keep in their bags. too!

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10. Roman DeMartin has a grungy, DIY ethos. This look is very summer: light and casual. DeMartin excels at adding personal touches to otherwise typical items, like his neon duct-tape-covered Urban Outfitters tote and the canvas slip-on sneakers that he let his friend paint with koi fish. During the summer, he also travels with a Ben Sherman leather pouch, water bottles and chargers.



9. Isaac Soria, who works for the Denver Art Museum, likes to splurge on cool designer accessories, like his cobalt-blue Dolce & Gabbana shoes and brown leather Ralph Lauren tote bag. He allows the accessories to stand out against his muted gray hoodie, henley and denim.


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8. Tattoo artist Rene Codero has a portrait of Vivienne Westwood inked on his arm. We spotted him on East Colfax, and he had a ton of eclectic things in his messenger bag -- like a freaky mask and books of surrealist photography.


7. Eric Garcia has an office day job; he's also a vocalist for Death Day Cabaret at night. He embellished this fun denim vest and made it his ode to Madonna. Garcia's punk-rock personality is expressed even in the Anne Rice novels and PSP he keeps in his bag to keep himself entertained on the go.

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6. ASiEL is a local rapper and self-proclaimed king of hip-pop, a genre with which he is experimenting. He also experiments with his style, pairing vintage T-shirts with blazers. We spotted him outside the recording studio where he was working, and he invited us to have a look at the creation of his music. We also looked inside his bag, where he has a notebook for jotting down lyrics, and even vitamins to ensure that all is well.

Go to page 2 for the top five menswear moments of 2012!

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Apparently the #1 fashion trend for Denver males is skinny toothpick!

Where's all the street fashion for the bears?! I guess we're resigned to our plaid shirts and vertical striped shirts, as usual.

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