Denver's ten best men's street styles of 2012


5. Matthew Brown is the owner of Fancy Tiger and a staple of SoBo. He gave us a glimpse into his bag, which held a large copy of a glorious fashion magazine, Acne Paper. He also had a pair of pants in there, which indicates a true fashionista -- one always equipped with a backup outfit.

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4. We spotted Brandon Dimick this past summer while he was on a job search. He was dressed for success in a skinny tie, jeans and boots, along with his resume, Nintendo DS and apple-crisp-flavored snack. In the process, Dimick showed that being prepared and projecting an image of success are always in style.



3. We spotted student Antwaun Johnson at the Auraria library last fall. We didn't know it then, but Johnson was highlighting a current fashion trend -- color blocking -- in his ensemble. We appreciate his audacity in mixing a magenta button-up with mint slacks for a look that is sharp yet experimental. Inside his bag he had a Bible and an umbrella, proving he was ready for both the apocalypse or maybe just a thunderstorm.


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2. Mario Marshall just graduated from the University of Denver with his master's degree and wants to move to New York next year to pursue a career. We spotted him on Lawrence and enjoyed his red pea coat, Burberry scarf and wingtip boots. Marshall says he models his fashion on blending a gentleman's style with an urban punch, and this look accomplishes that.


1. Evan Hyndman is a bank teller who is inspired by Manhattan and Brooklyn to craft his refined look. Although he didn't reveal the innards of his bag, the winning combination of tri-colored wingtip shoes, distressed briefcase and slim tie are all modern twists on classic menswear.

We can't wait to see new and exciting men's fashions on the streets in the new year. Here's to a stylish 2013, Denver!

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Apparently the #1 fashion trend for Denver males is skinny toothpick!

Where's all the street fashion for the bears?! I guess we're resigned to our plaid shirts and vertical striped shirts, as usual.

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