Denver's ten best women's street styles of 2012

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All photos by Mauricio Rocha
What a dazzling display of women's wear we witnessed in 2012! The spectrum of stylish females is wide and varied in Denver: from servers to fashion designers, makeup artists to comics. Keep reading for the most memorable looks we spotted in 2012, as well as the stories of the ladies who pulled these looks together -- and a peek into their purses.

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10. Kristin Rand is part of the Ladyface comedy troupe, but she's not kidding around with her street style. We spotted her wearing a powder-blue jacket and gold ballet flats, looking very chic in a subtle way. Inside her bag was an antique tin and her business card featuring her humorous head shot: Rand's style inspires many smiles.


9. Sarah Barili divides her time between painting and serving at the Mellow Mushroom. She got our attention by fusing femininity with a military look; pairing her combat boots with a pastel pink dress and giant sun hat. And she's definitely on the cutting edge; when we checked her purse, we found a switchblade.


8. Stella Montoya is woman of many talents. She manages Buffalo Exchange and also DJs at 3 Kings every Tuesday night, spinning heavy metal and hair rock. She has the teal locks of a mermaid and the style of a punk-rock glam hippie. Inside her purse we spotted a Mac lipstick and a Gucci wallet, proving that while she is adventurous with her style, she still pays immaculate attention to detail.


7. Malarie Parks makes no apologies for her street style. We spotted her on 13th Avenue, wearing a furry vest over a blazer over a Bob Marley hoodie. In her patterned purse was some perfume, along with marijuana, a can of Red Bull and a pack of Camels. Her look screams professional stoner princess, and we appreciate her unapologetic style.

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6. A singer and songwriter who's a vocalist for two bands, Precious Hill expresses herself through her clothes when she isn't expressing herself through her music. When we spotted her in Uptown this autumn, she was looking futuristic with silver leggings and a feather headband. But the Skittles in her bag showed she possessed a sweet street style.

Go to page 2 for the top 5 women's street style moments of 2012!

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