Tonight: See Little Denver, meet Gio Toninelo

Auraria Campus_cb.jpg
Gio Toninelo
Auraria Campus looking tiny.

Gio Toninelo's Little Denver photography exhibit went up a week ago, but if you want to meet the artist and hear what he has to say about making the world look like a toy, tonight's the night. From 7 to 8:30 p.m., Toninelo will be at Pablo's Coffee for a low-key reception. Sure, it's a First Friday event, but it's a far cry from the insane press of the Santa Fe Drive scene. Toninelo says he hates to even call it an "opening," and insists that "we're just going to drink some coffee, hang out ... and talk about the show."

Here are a half-dozen of his Little Denver shots to whet your appetite for our big city done small.

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Pablo's Coffee

630 E. 6th Ave., Denver, CO

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