Ten most interesting interviews of 2012: Artists, feminist scientists, comedians and queens

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8. Sam Tallent of The Fine Gentleman's Club
Based on the sheer coverage of Fine Gentleman's Club-related events this year by Westword, it was clear we were obsessed. But this group of four comedians went bigger and better than ever in 2012, setting up shows whereever they could, hosting their annual comedy and music conglomeration Too Much Funstival, and running a weekly night of standup that brought national and local start-up comedians to the mike in an unpretentious room.

Before knowing Tallent as a comedian, our bands had played shows together in Denver. Around the release of his comedy mixtape, Joke Life, we chatted about that very thing -- and the application of D.I.Y. band ethics to how he functions as a comedian. (Fellow Westword contributor Robin Edwards also talked to Tallent recently about being so damn funny.)

7. Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber
As an ordained Lutheran minister and founder of the House for All Sinners and Saints, Pastor Bolz-Weber takes great pride in the fact that her church functions in a way that can be seen as non-traditional. Embracing all people of all faiths, she believes that delivering the teaching is what she was called to do -- while telling people how or what to believe is not. Of her congregation, she says, "It's not even like 'This is for the outcasts,' we have a lot of outcasts, but we have lawyers and bankers. It's not even like, 'Oh, this is the church for the tattooed people.'"

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