Ten most interesting interviews of 2012: Artists, feminist scientists, comedians and queens

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6. Luke List, actor and drag performer.
Another subject I was lucky enough to meet through outside circumstances -- when this interview was initially conducted, we were just getting to know each other as fellow employees of Shirt Folding Store -- Luke List spoke to me about a lot of things, but what stuck out the most was his commentary on the stigma of drag performance. A trained actor with an MFA in Contemporary Theatre Performance from Naropa, List had just added queen to one of many roles he has played on stage. His Zoe O. persona shone brightly, and he just wrapped Drag Machine at Off-Center @ the Jones this winter.

5. DIY Feminist Scientist Margaret Wertheim
Though Margaret's subject matter was far beyond my own comprehension, she presented her work in a way that was accessible, including using crochet as a way to build massive coral reef system models. Wertheim spoke with me this past summer in advance of her lecture at the wonderful Feminism & Co series, discussing the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef project she began with her sister, Christine Wertheim, and how the ever-evolving textile model of the fragile and endangered ocean landscape exists at what Wertheim calls "the intersection of art, science, environmental consciousness, community art practice and feminism."

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