Ten most interesting interviews of 2012: Artists, feminist scientists, comedians and queens

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2. Folk artist and sign painter Kevin Hennessy
Eternally a traveling man, artist Kevin Hennessy temporarily planted his feet in Denver over the summer, painting signs for new businesses and hosting a show of new work at Ironwood. His view of commercial art in the modern world was a refreshing one, and Hennessy even shared a list of his favorite hand-painted signs around Denver that display the lost art. He's currently in Oaxaca, Mexico, working as a tattoo apprentice; I can only hope that Hennessy comes back to ply his trade on the arms, legs and buildings of Colorado.

1. Patty Schemel of Hole
In a teenage dream realized, I spoke with Patty Schemel when she came through Denver to host the screening of her biopic, Hit So Hard. Schemel was candid from the get-go about her life as an addict -- her movie functions in exactly the same way -- and proved to me that no matter how famous you are, you're still just a regular human being.

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