Ten best (and strangest) arts and culture experiences in 2012

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4. Discovering Wayne White.
Finding out about Wayne White was close to an accident -- I had never heard of the artist before I received an assignment involving a showing of Beauty Is Embarrassing, the documentary about his life. But I did know White's work well -- his puppets and art were integral to Pee Wee's Playhouse and Smashing Pumpkins' video for "Tonight, Tonight" -- I just didn't know his name. The film captured White's relentless drive to create, as well, as his sarcastic and loving nature -- something that rang true in the five minutes I spent meeting him in real life. Still not sure who Wayne White is, exactly? Check out this list of work you may not know White created.

3. That improv show where I all I could do was stare at this guy's penis.
I can't say which improv show I was witnessing when I had this terrible experience, because I don't want to embarrass the dude. But just a note to adults out there: If you're going to wear the grown-up footed pajamas in public, make sure they are long enough to fit your tall frame. Otherwise, it's like stretching lycra over a boner in a thong, which is like not wearing clothes at all. When this happens in the context of a performance, you might think everyone's laughing at your jokes; but really, they're laughing uncomfortably about sharing this penis-exposing experience with a room full of strangers.

2. Teaching children to do anything.
If you're like me and you don't have kids (or much of a reason to be around kids in your daily life), I recommend signing up to work at a summer camp next year. It will change your perspective on the world. I volunteered for Girl Rock Camp with the big- headed idea that I was going to change some little ladies' lives with all of my band knowledge. Instead I was put in my place by a bunch of awesome eight-year-olds, aka the Hopeless Pickles of Pizazz, while gaining a new level of respect for parents and teachers who work with kids on a daily basis.

1. Katt Williams' on-stage meltdown.
The first night of Katt Williams' s stint in Colorado had me beyond stoked that I was going to see my favorite comedian of all time, for the first time ever. But what ensued was a painful-to-watch public meltdown of someone in need of support. I could only speculate that what I saw stemmed from long-term substance abuse problem, but whatever it was, it was heartbreaking. Since his November shows in Denver, Williams has been arrested several times for his continuing bizarre behavior. My hope is that 2013 is a better year for him.

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