Triple Fisher melds three Amy Fisher made-for-TV movies into one epic melodrama

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Drew Barrymore, Noelle Parker and Alyssa Milano are Amy Fisher.
Kapelovitz's 85-minute work stars two Hollywood darlings of the time -- Drew Barrymore and Alyssa Milano -- and the much lesser-known Noelle Parker as Amy Fisher. But Triple Fisher's real success is in its tone; there is something unmistakably similar about all made-for-TV movies, and this mash-up nails it.

All three plot lines are driven by the same "true" story, but Triple Fisher highlights their differences. "Each (separate film) is from a different perspective: one is from Amy Fisher's perspective, one is from the Buttafuocos' perspective and one is trying to be objective, and it's kind of from a journalist's perspective," says Kapelovitz. "I combine them to get the truth out of all of these perspectives."

But that's for the audience to decide.

Triple Fisher screens at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, December 27, at the Sie FilmCenter, with an introduction by Kapelovitz, a Denver native who is now living and working as a director in Los Angeles. For tickets and more information about the film, visit the theater's website.

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