What's in your bag? Burberry scarves, a DU notebook and more!

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This is a vintage brown canvas and leather Guess bag that Marshall acquired when he managed the Guess store in Park Meadows in 2008. Let's see what Marshall takes with him on the go...

Although the bag holds few items, they all have lots of character. This is the notebook he received from the University of Denver, where he recently graduated with his master's degree in organizational management and motivational therapy. "I usually jot down moments and memories so I don't forget them," says Marshall. We also have some Clinique foundation, Vicks inhaler and two RTD passes.

Originally from Dallas, Marshall lived in New Orleans as an undergraduate, moved to Denver for his graduate work, and is planning to move to New York early next year to pursue a career with his new master's degree.


Style analysis: Marshall displays his adoration of a gentleman's etiquette and tradition with his wingtip boots, pea coat and suspenders. The way he fuses timeless and sentimental pieces with his own original style is shown through his father's scarf, vibrantly colored coat and distressed bag. He is constantly planning ahead and on the move. His street style reflects his fearless approach to life.

Always pull from the past, present and future to define your own personal style, Denver.

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