Apocalypse how: Your guide to handicapping the end of the world

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Method of destruction: Zombies
How that's going to work: You've seen the movies. One day, all the dead people stop being dead and start being mobile, hungry and hostile, things progress badly, and before you know it the mall is full of refugees instead of last-minute shoppers. The upside is that all those hours you've spent on The Walking Dead fan forums make you a subject matter expert in a field that becomes shockingly relevant over night. See, you knew that was going to pay off.
What it's going to look like:

Why that probably won't happen: America has way too many guns for this to be a reliable method of doomsdaymanship. It would probably be more like a serious inconvenience, at least in areas with high concentrations of rednecks.
Odds: 35 to 1

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