100 Colorado Creatives: Donald Fodness

Westword: If you could collaborate with anyone in history, who would it be, and why?

Donald Fodness: Ed and Nancy Kienholz. Their installations are still very powerful and have influenced my own aesthetic. Direct involvement in their process would provide insight and I am curious about the environments we could conjure. I see a lot of art historical trajectory passed from other artists of that era and the Kienholz lineage of narrative installation is relatively untapped. 

Who in the world is interesting to you right now, and why?

I guess right now I am interested in two organizations of people. Often with collective minds and collaboration more human potential is realized. The groups I am interested in is NASA and Anonymous. The hactivist group Anonymous as they fight for social justice is a reassuring uprising. I am also really amazed at what NASA is doing on Mars and checking in on that progress is really fun. 

What's one art trend you want to see die this year?

I will flip this in a way that implies my answer by focusing on the inverse. I want to see an emergent trend in works that impress; perhaps in skill, scale, innovation, vision, or a range of other possibilities. I want to see art that really impacts me, asks me to investigate closely, spend time with it, and sticks with me. There is no formula to what I find impressive. I can be impressed by simple gestures, ephemeral works or even the raw. It could be minimal and well considered, rough and highly intense, an entire portfolio, or a specific moment within a single piece. 

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