100 Colorado Creatives: Theresa Anderson

Anderson Jeannelle Vaughan TRICKY SNARKY NARROW pikes-01.jpg
"TRICKY SNARKY NARROW," Theresa Anderson, Jennifer Jeannelle and Rebecca Vaughan.
Theresa Anderson -- fine artist, gallery director, blogger, co-op member at Pirate Contemporary Art and PlatteForum artist-committee member -- already ranked inclusion in our ten people to watch in the arts list simply by being so multifaceted, and in an interesting way. And now she's switching out one of those facets: She's handing over the curatorial role she's held for four years at Ice Cube Gallery to fellow artist Jennifer Jeanelle. But she'll be busier than ever.

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Anderson Vaughan SWANK (fool) Panorama4-01.jpg
Panoramic view of "Swank (fool)," Theresa Anderson and Rebecca Vaughan.
"I've learned a ton on this artist-run project," Anderson says. "But this year my focus will be developing a series of large-scale paintings that intersect with my current drawings, developing further my series of textile-based work/soft-sculpture/paintings and writing like crazy, further developing my art blog, overlapping thoughts on the arts in Denver and the outside world."

She's also ready to delve into the nature of collaboration and curation in contemporary art, beginning with the group show Soft Subversions, which opens February 8 at Pirate. "Amber Cobb and Cortney Lane Stell have co-curated all new work, and as a group we're riffing on the writing of Felix Guattari," she explains. "I'm excited about these conversations, the possibilities for this work and how we move forward as a group."

Theresa Anderson swagging lounger kitchen table and yellow chairs-01.jpg
Theresa Anderson, "swagging lounger kitchen table and yellow chairs."
And that's the key thing to remember about Theresa Anderson as she moves forward in 2013. Expect to see meditations on the community of making a show happen and a lot of "group" mentality in her future.

We asked Anderson a few questions about the arts in Denver and her place in the mix; read on for her answers.

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