The arts in Denver: Ten people to watch in 2013
Gamma Acosta, Art Basel
Gamma Acosta:
There's a strong crew of street artists working in Denver, but Longmont muralist Gamma Acosta is also making waves with his hard work. And he is always working, both in commercial endeavors and his own projects, showing he has an especially artful way with the spray can wherever he points one. At the end of 2011, Acosta was one of a group of local street artists showcased in a street-art exhibition at the Longmont Museum; more recently, he created work at Art Basel Miami, and after his return, he painted a Sandy Hook tribute wall -- a heart-breaking scenario of splintering crayons in rainbow colors -- that moved one art collector to pay to remove the wall and preserve it (see the following video).

We're expecting big things from this young man. The world's his wall.

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Thomas Scharfenberg, BMoCA
Thomas Scharfenberg:
Early in 2012, the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art's Petra Sertic kicked off the year with a bold show of work by three local emerging artists. Not the usual museum fare, it shed light on the future of art in the region, rather than honoring artists with a more solid foothold. Thomas Scharfenberg, a Rocky Mountain School of Art & Design alum and former student of famed Colorado geometrist Clark Richert, was one of them, and his rippling pattern paintings struck a note; more recently, he's transferred their pale candy tones to walls and bricks and flower pots and driftwood that adorn Wazee Union in RiNo. This fall, Scharfenberg collaborated with fellow Wazee Union artist Kevin Daviet and programmer M. Vincent Miller on a multimedia installation, "Rock Paper Projector," that cast projections on unusual surfaces.

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Great roundup for 2013, Susan. Thanks for introducing me to Pangloss Gravitron. Always love the LFS, too. Here's to Denver art in 2013!

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