The arts in Denver: Ten people to watch in 2013

The Ladies Fancywork Society:
We've been watching the women of the LFS for a few years now, as they've grown from anonymous, fly-by-night, yarn-bombing art pranksters to a more respectable -- yet ever gutsy -- entity on Denver's arts scene. We love what they do, and their approach to art -- the idea that it's for everyone, and that it should be serendipitous, too. This year, a couple of the ladies opened a shop, Lowbrow, on Broadway, again broadening their visibility and reach; the LFS will also gain leverage with an exhibition at MCA Denver in the coming months. That's a big step for anyone in this town, but we hope they never lose their sense of adventure.

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Pangloss Gravitron:
Another conglomeration of minds working together, the members of the recently formed Pangloss Gravitron artist collective -- Erin Asmussen, John Haley III, Patrick Loehr, CT Nelson, Mark Penner-Howell, Meagen Svendsen and Tracy Tomko -- share certain elements in their work, yet each produces pieces that are instantly recognizable as his or her own. They started off their partnership with a wow show at Vertigo; in the future, they say, they'd like to start experimenting with intergroup collaborations. This is a collective of unusually imaginative eyes and minds; the result can't help but be interesting.

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Great roundup for 2013, Susan. Thanks for introducing me to Pangloss Gravitron. Always love the LFS, too. Here's to Denver art in 2013!

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