The arts in Denver: Ten people to watch in 2013

Evan Weissman:
Weissman is already a visible Denver creative as a member of the always innovative Buntport Theater company, a group of create types who work in a collective way. That's more or less the Buntport credo -- like the old story of Stone Soup, everyone is fulfilled when each person brings something to the pot. From there, it's been no stretch for Weissman to conceive Warm Cookies of the Revolution, a concept that essentially does the same thing for community-building. The concept is simple: Ideas are presented and discussed over some kind of fun activity -- board games and letter-writing at the first two sessions -- and everyone enjoys warm cookies and milk while, with any luck, progress is made and consciousnesses are raised. The kind-hearted Weissman has a lot of ideas for growing this formula, and hopes to eventually find WCotR a permanent home. For the time being, though, a tree grows at Buntport. Long may it flourish.

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Frank Kwiatkowski
Onus Spears:
Bushy and decked-out in high thrift-gear, Onus Spears -- let's call that his stage name, though he has a long explanation for how it came about -- is a comedy booster who likes to take the mike himself once in a while, as well as a promoter of comedy shows. He's also a man of the people, and more specifically, an avid fanboy of Denver's artists, performers and writers, on whom he's decided to pour some love at Rawlitix, an intimate live talk and variety show he's begun hosting monthly at Deer Pile that features, well, not the usual people. And here's the thing: We have recurring comedy shows like the Grawlix and the Fine Gentleman's Club. We have storytelling and readings, the Narrators and My Teenage Angst. But until now, we didn't have a talk show...and certainly not one like this.

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Great roundup for 2013, Susan. Thanks for introducing me to Pangloss Gravitron. Always love the LFS, too. Here's to Denver art in 2013!

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