Evan Weissman on why Warm Cookies of the Revolution is good for your civic health


And how will the LEGO city fit into the proceedings?

Folks are asked to bring LEGOs they own, and we'll have a bunch as well. Technically, they can get a headstart on the city building on the front end, but we plan on hearing the ideal government pitches first and then people can make the city and chat with other community members. The idea behind this was simple: If you can build a LEGO city together with strangers, couldn't we build a real-life city together? No, that's totally a joke! We just thought LEGOs are rad and building a city with other people would be really fun and you could discuss the pitches you heard. "Man, those three were idiots, huh?! Pass that blue piece, please."

Do you foresee how the talking and the building might intersect in some magical way?

Honestly, I think magic occurs on a daily basis in our community. Sit at a bar during a Broncos game and you've got grandmas fist bumping gang-bangers and day-laborers buying drinks for lawyers! You never know what might come from some good old-fashioned LEGO building, especially after hearing three interesting people pitch you on something they've thought long and hard about.

And what if someone spills their milk on their LEGOs?

We make no guarantees about the LEGOS. Honestly, if you think to yourself, "My Star Wars LEGO set could never mix with Medieval Castle LEGO," you probably want to leave them at home and come use our commoner pieces!

What am I leaving out?  Why should people come to this event? What will they take away from it?

I think what we're trying to do with this event, and with Warm Cookies of the Revolution as a whole -- the idea of a civic health club -- is make it feel like participation in the decisions that affect our lives is both necessary and fun. We do need to think about new ways of governing, that's how progress happens, but if we get bogged down in the details or believe that it doesn't matter or that we can't make a difference, well then we've lost. I'm not saying we can make our civic life as exciting and popular as a Broncos game, but I'm also not convinced that we can't. I love me some football, don't get me wrong, but rethinking and envisioning our entire political structure, playing with LEGOS and eating warm cookies and milk sounds pretty damn fun too!

People should come because there is literally nothing else fun to do on Monday, January 14, and everyone knows that! Also, they can come with their own ideas for an ideal governmental program and share it with the crowd -- but they only one minute or less!  I'm not sure what people will take away from this....I hope they have fun and I hope they connect with a new person and I hope they are inspired. Maybe even for a minute, they'll hark back to the days of being a kid when you played with LEGOS and dreamed about what could be, instead of always worrying about what was supposed to be.

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