Filmmaker Anson Fogel on Cascada and his hellish kayaking "vacation"

Photo by Tim Kemple, courtesy Forge Motion Pictures
There are some amazing shots in this film, and some crazy angles I've never seen before. Did you specifically set out to try to show kayaking from a new perspective?

Part of our goal, with any project we take on, is to do something fresh. We had a lot of freedom to spend a lot of time getting each shot we wanted, and every day we tried to invest the time in getting some new angle. The geography's really dynamic down there, which didn't hurt. The reason there are so many waterfalls is that the gradient is really high, so the river basically just drops off the edge of the earth, and it's a volcanic area so it carves really deep channels through the rock. A lot of the waterfalls you have to rappel just to get to them, because everything is really gorged out. It's a really steep, rugged landscape, and it's just breathtaking. It didn't give the goods up without a fight, but it did give them up, eventually.

This film continues the relationship with NRS Films that began last year with Skip Armstrong's Of Souls + Water series. What has that support meant to you and to your company, Forge Motion Pictures?

It's really exciting to see some companies, in this case NRS, supporting more creative work. We feel super-honored to have this relationship with a brand like NRS that literally just lets us do whatever we want and that supports art instead of advertising. I think that's an exciting thing the web has done, enabling brands to associate themselves with creative content, but even at that our relationship with NRS is pretty special. Typically if you go to a company and say, "We want to make something that's pretty out there, kind of an experimental short film, really," normally they would just say, "No!" But NRS says, "Yes!" I still can't believe it myself. For this film we got the best group of athletes you could possibly get, and the freedom to make whatever kind of film we wanted to. It's definitely a partnership we're looking forward to continuing.

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