100 Colorado Creatives: The Ladies Fancywork Society

Westword: If you could collaborate with anyone in history, who would it be, and why?

Maxine: I would love to collaborate with Mariko Mori; the environments she's created with her installations are amazing, they really make the viewer interact and become a part of the art, which I love! Really, any large-scale installation artist would be awesome, but her work is really dreamy and surreal. If I did work with her, I'd be sure we included a unicorn somewhere, maybe one people can ride. I think a sweet unicorn would really lend itself to her work, and mine.

Lucy Lynn: Such a hard question. This one really hurt my brain. I would love to collaborate with some of my favorite photographers, but I think my answer will be....Van Gogh so he can paint all my yarn I use and make it beautiful!

Esther: Takashi Murakami. Because I think we have a similar cracked-out style. It would be so pretty! Like seizure-inducing pretty. Also, it would be pretty stellar to be on Yo Gabba Gabba. Do you hear me, Yo Gabba Gabba? I'm interested. Call me.

Jeanne Lois: Rosa Parks. I would tag the shit out of that bus she was on.

WW: Who in the world is interesting to you right now, and why?

Maxine: Denver is interesting to me. I was born here, I've grown up here, and seeing the constant change in this city is amazing! I love how supportive the community is to anything creative. There are so many creative neighborhoods developing, all with their own style, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside just being able to be a part of it.

Lucy Lynn: Am I allowed to say Kim Kardashian and Kanye West? Fascinating people! Also, I love keeping up on other street artists, like Ernest Zacharevic, OaKoAk or Mentalgassi. I frequent a few websites that keep my mind open to lots of different art.

Esther: Everyone. Everyone is interesting. Sometimes I like to browse Pinterest pages dedicated to topics I don't relate to myself, like One Direction or Having A Great Christian Marriage. And then read their blogs. Or read really bad fan fiction of things that I'm also not really interested in. This is a really weird hobby. I probably shouldn't be telling people about this. Never mind. Nobel Peace Prize winners. That's my new answer.

Jeanne Lois: People that speak Dutch. Cause I am trying to learn and it's hard. Those darn g's!

WW: What's one art trend you want to see die this year?

Maxine: I'm pretty over glitter, just kidding! I love glitter, and if glitter ever stopped being used, it would make me super sad. I also love unicorns. Someone might answer unicorns to this question, but not me, I would be never want a unicorn to die, that would make me evil.

Lucy Lynn: Whoa. Die? That's pretty harsh. I'm not too sure there is any art trend I want to see die. Fashion trends...that's another story.

Esther: There are a few themes I'm sick of, but if other people are still digging them, I'm not going to be the party pooper.

Jeanne Lois: I don't really follow art trends. I just like to see people creating!

WW: What's your day job?

Maxine: My day job, and night job, and pretty much every waking moment job, besides LFS, is running Lowbrow with my fellow lady Esther. We teach workshops, sell awesome art supplies and have a gallery where we feature a lot of great local artists. We also use a shit ton of glitter. A SHIT TON.

Lucy Lynn: I'm a photographer.

Esther: I co-own Lowbrow with Maxine! We basically sell plastic unicorns for a living.

Jeanne Lois: I am a stylist and a craftosaurus. ALL THE DAYS!

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