100 Colorado Creatives: The Ladies Fancywork Society

WW: A mystery patron offers you unlimited funds for life. What will you do with it?

Maxine: With unlimited funds, I would first do all the good things one should do with unlimited funds. I would end world hunger, donate to charities, buy my family members houses and stuff. Then, I would start covering things with yarn.....and glitter of course. I'd also fund some sort of Jurassic Park type project, but only herbivores at first, we'd need to play it safe. Then we'd breed the dinos to be sparkly and make them sweaters to stay warm. Unicorns might have to be part of this project too. They were around with the dinosaurs, right?

Lucy Lynn: Funny you ask this...this happened to me the other day! I'm off to shop forever. I'll have so many shoes. No really...if I had unlimited funds, I would travel the world doing freelance photography for various clients and magazines. I would also continue to do street art along the way and finish other art projects I've had back logged for years! Making art, books, blogs, etc. about all my adventures.

Esther: Tag all the things! I would pretty up an old RV, that somehow could also be a jet, load all the Fancy Ladies into it, and spend my time traveling and making both legal and illegal art with my bffs. I would also get a warehouse space for all the yarn and miscellaneous Fancy crap that we hoard, so it can be somewhere other than my house. My dreams, they're big. Oh, and my hooks would be gold. SOLID. GOLD.

Jeanne Lois: I would continue to travel and be constantly inspired by the different people I meet along the way. All the while carrying my art with me, and leaving a trail everywhere I go.

WW: What's the one thing Denver (or Colorado) could do to help the arts?

Maxine: To help the arts, Denver, and the whole state, need to make sure that kids are getting enough creative time in school. Math and science are totally necessary, but music and visual art education are just as important. There should really be a unicorn in every classroom, just as a reminder to be creative.

Lucy Lynn: Give LFS tons of money. I think Denver already does a pretty good job at supporting the arts. But I guess when you're in the arts it's easy to say that. I feel like every city can always do a better job of supporting the arts in schools. I think kids need more exposure to all kinds of art, fiber and street art included.

Esther: Money is always nice.

Jeanne Lois: Make art more accessible to everyone. Art doesn't have to be a private club. I believe everyone has a creative side. Lowbrow has the right idea and is helping Denver get there. Anyone can make art!

WW: Who is your favorite Colorado Creative?

Maxine: There are so many creative people in Colorado, it's hard to pick a favorite. I love seeing new breweries; I'm kind of really into beer. So I'm going to say all the local Colorado Brewmasters are my favorite creative, collectively.

Lucy Lynn: Besides, LFS and Lowbrow...Oh I have so many, I love Coloradical and lots of lovely things that come out of the Fancy Tiger community.

Esther: So many! Adam Sikorski of Coloradical. This guy whose name is I think Frank and he makes lino cuts on old traffic cones. Primer Dome. Everything that goes on at Fancy Tiger. Becky Hensley of the Denver Craft Ninjas. The Denver Zine Library. All of the artists we've had at Lowbrow, and the ones we have coming up too, duh. Gildar Gallery. Blackbook Gallery. Truly Rejected Magazine. The fine people at Wazee Union. The people who wheat-pasted Kanye West's face up on an alley in Baker. That's my short list.

Jeanne Lois: YOU!

Throughout the year, we'll be turning the spotlight on 100 superstars in Denver's rich artistic community. Watch for the next installment on Show and Tell -- and go to the 100 Colorado Creatives archive to catch up.

Who rocks YOUR world locally? Do you have a suggestion for a Colorado Creative who should be counted in our 2013 lineup? Leave it in the comments section below.

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