Menswear Mondays: Poet Kirkland James

James had not one but two bags with him the day we spotted him, as well as several coats. Inside his black messenger bag and backpack he had a blanket, a change of clothes, hygienic products, paper and pens. "What makes me who I am and what I'm interested in is that everything in the world has its place, even the bad things," he says. "In that perspective, even the bad things are good because they enrich all the good experiences. This allows me to enjoy the small things in life."

Style analysis: As we usher in 2013 along with hopes of a better community, Kirkland James projects a fun image to all the individuals he encounters -- from the subtle pops of color in his pink T-shirt to his yellow tennis shoes. We also found him rocking a cream-colored beanie and scarf that goes well with his neutral layered look, and also adds warmth. But James isn't so focused on his own look that he doesn't notice others: During our interview, he even complimented me on my sunglasses, demonstrating both compassion and kindness.

Always strive to better yourself and those around you -- and look good doing it, Denver.

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