Menswear Mondays: 7-Eleven clerk and writer William Reynolds on his thrifty style

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All photos by Mauricio Rocha.
This past weekend, as many savored the sunlight, we spotted William Reynolds, a 7-Eleven clerk who writes poetry and short stories, enjoying the weather while wearing an unusual piece of menswear: a purple hoodie. Read on to learn his personal connection to thrift stores, what pseudonyms he goes by, and what items he keeps with him on the go.

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Name: William Reynolds.

Spotted at: 19th and California streets.

Profession: 7-Eleven clerk and aspiring writer.

Favorite film: Taxi Driver.

2013 resolution: To stop smoking cigarettes, which I have, stop biting my nails, and be more fit.

2013 jam: Big Sean's "Guap."

Style inspirations/icons: A sense of wanderlust. A specific place is Savannah, Georgia. We would drive there from Florida when I was a kid, and there's a rich history and cemeteries there. There is also T.S. Elliot, who is an icon to me.

Favorite color: Baby blue.

Favorite accessory: Shoes. But they're really not an accessory. They're a necessity; I can't walk around barefoot. I don't wear necklaces or bracelets, and I don't own a watch, so I guess I'm not that into accessories.

Style mantra: Always make sure that what I wear is clean and form-fitting.

Shops at: Tattered Cover for one, but not any one particular store. I like the ARC and Goodwill: thrift stores. My mother ran a thrift store in Florida, so I grew up around them and love not knowing what you are going to find. I get excited about going to Buffalo Exchange. It's fun to find something kitschy that I'm going to love and show all of my friends. You can find weird art-deco pieces and conversation pieces there. I go to H&M if I need a basic hoodie or socks, though.

Go to page 2 to see what William Reynolds keeps in his pockets.

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