Menswear Mondays: Graphic designer Vladimir Von shares his DIY style

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This is his favorite accessory, a snake-shaped bracelet that slithers around his wrist. "An old friend gave it to me a while ago. We have reconnected since then, and I love to wear it with mostly everything," says Von.

This is a patch that Von placed on his bag. What does he keep inside? "Just work stuff and a hair comb," he says. While on some days he may wear a button-up shirt for a more professional look, Von admits that "I'll always be a dirty punk kid at heart. Even if my appearance says otherwise. That's what I grew up with."

Style analysis: Even in the most brutal weather, personal style can keep you hot. Von adds punk-inspired details to his outfit: silver studs on the lapel and cuffs of his toggle coat, a row of buttons on his hat, a patch on his bag, even the singular, gun-shaped earring he made. In tandem with his black work boots, those eclectic accessories make his ensemble as exciting as high-voltage electricity. Likewise, he transforms otherwise normal items into customized pieces. In the process, Von remains honest to his character and is a dirty punk kid at heart, showcasing his DIY punk sensibilities.

Always be true to the kid in yourself, Denver.

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