Resolutions for 2013: I promise to stop being a dick and shut up about Belle & Sebastian

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Stop using "But it's so far!" as an excuse not to go to amazing events

Yes, we live in a big city. Big, as in expansive. But that's no reason not to fill my belly with carbs and bike up into Highland for Grawlix's monthly comedy show, or bite the bullet on a cab ride over to Lost Lake for Sarah Slater's Bring Your Own Records parties. My biggest regret of 2012 is missing out on all of the amazing rock films shown at the Boedecker Theater in Boulder, simply because I didn't want to fork over the bus fare. With so much happening in film, comedy, music and fashion in this city, it's ridiculous to keeping hiding under the blankets every night with a Tom Robbins novel and a box of wine.

Stop defining self-worth through Facebook

While I know that many people who are swearing off social media in 2013, I remain the addict who thinks he can just cut down on his intake and still keep it together. But one thing that I must end is the constant evaluating of my wit, career and social graces by the responses to my Facebook posts. It's silly and regressive and it has to stop. Thankfully I'm in a relationship and not dating anymore, so I can stop posting songs on my profile as bizarrely subtle messages to the person I'm currently crushing on.

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