Photos: Dave Yust puts printmaking front and center at Loveland Museum/Gallery

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Loveland Museum/Gallery
River Falls - Inclusion Epsilon II
For this week's review, Westword art critic Michael Paglia visited Loveland Museum/Gallery, where he took in a retrospective show dedicated to local artist Dave Yust. Yust has been a large part of the Colorado art scene for years, and while he's known mainly for his paintings, the exhibit spotlighted his work with prints. Continue reading for more photos of Yust's prints.

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Circ #109.jpg
Loveland Museum/Gallery
Circular Composition #109

Loveland Museum/Gallery
Circular Composition #110

Loveland Museum/Gallery
Heart - Inclusion K-23

Loveland Museum/Gallery
Hieromantic - Inclusion 1/1. Homage to Thiebaud III

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Loveland Museum/Gallery

503 N. Lincoln Ave., Loveland, CO

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