Reader: Cherry Hills mansion would make an ideal artist commune

Future artist commune?
Looking for a 16,291 square-foot mansion on 2.15 acres with two master suites and a hibachi island in the kitchen? Try 5 Mockingbird Lane in Cherry Hills Village, one of the five most expensive homes for sale in the metro area right now.

No family really needs that much space, of course, and one reader has a suggestion for an ideal use:

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Says Michelle:

I see 'artist commune.' Way too big for anything else. Especially that first one. Whoa.

Can't wait to see what creative types will do with that hibachi island! Where would you put an artist commune? Post your suggestions below.

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Fletcherneedsajob topcommenter

Until you realize you would be living next to a bunch of douche nozzles who disapprove of your ways. They would probably station a neighborhood watch patrol outside your door 24/7, then sick the nastiest of Front Range cops, Cherry Hills cops, on you at the slightest hint of misbehavior. 

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