Resolutions for 2013: Making movies, making records, cooking...and finishing projects

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Christopher Morgan
Gregg Ziemba (left) and Thadeaous Mighell at the DIY Unit E.

Gregg Ziemba, musician and DIY venue operator

I want to keep working really, really hard. We're (Rubedo) going to record a new album in January in Long Beach. We're going to work with (producer) "Ikey" Owens again, and Crystal Antlers is letting us use their studio. It is a really cool studio, tons of vintage gear -- we visited it in October when we were out there on tour. We're spending a lot more time recording this time. I'm just excited to really dig in.

I think we're more confident this time -- I can't speak for the other guys, but I feel like going into the studio and working with people we admire, I was really nervous. But this time around, I feel super confident and ready to make a really good record. We're been spending a lot of time writing a bunch of new songs and we're starting to get our sound really dialed in.

Keith Garcia, programming manager, Sie FilmCenter

I would like to make 2013 the year I actually start making things happen for myself. Long-standing things. Number one on that list: I need to make (movies) myself. I've spent so many years of my life watching movies and programming movies and talking to people who make movies that I've got a laundry list of movies I need to make myself. I need to figure out how they fit into my world, and I need to get it done.

There are stories to tell, and there are people, currently, who I want to tell their stories. And I don't want them to die in fifty years and I haven't told their story. (Laughs.)

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