Ten most fantastic film worlds of Dennis Quaid

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Dennis Quaid gets around. Since the late '70s, he's appeared in more than seventy films and television shows, playing everything from a deep-space fighter pilot to an dragon-slaying warrior, and always with a certain swaggering charm. This Friday and Saturday at the Sie FilmCenter, Mile High Sci-Fi is tackling one of Quaid's early films, the 1984 sci-fi thriller Dreamscape. The group will be spending the film's runtime poking fun at its absurd premise and cheesy effects, but for us at Westword, it offers the occasion to look back at some of the strange and wonderful places he's visited in his long and storied career. From the dawn of man to the far-flung reaches of outer space, these are the fantastic worlds of Dennis Quaid.

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Prehistoric times
Dinosaurs, an abominable snowman and being second banana to Ringo Starr were just a few of the things Quaid had to face in the antediluvian world of Caveman. The farcical film presented a farcical world that went on to form the basis of Creationist accounts of ancient times. Seriously, a visit to the dinosaur sections of the Creation Museum is eerily like watching this movie with all the sex jokes removed.

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