100 Colorado Creatives: Artist and Westword Artopia star Eric Matelski

Man's Best Friend.jpeg
"Man's Best Friend," Eric Matelski
#90: Eric Matelski
Much more than just a curator, Eric Matelski is a supporter, advocate and all-around positive public relations man for artists all over Colorado -- which made him an obvious choice for Westword's 2010 MasterMind award. But the self-proclaimed "art pimp" is also an accomplished artist in his own right, known for his live paintings of musicians -- some whipped up beautifully in a matter of minutes -- and chalk art.

In advance of his appearance at Westword's Artopia 2013 this Saturday, February 23, we talked with Matelski about his current collaborations and what inspires him in other artists.

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Westword: What are you most excited about presenting at this year's Artopia?

Eric Matelski: I was a 2010 MasterMind award winner -- I painted one quick painting that year. I have been looking forward to coming back and being part of this great event again.

Are you working on any project/collaboration coming up that you're looking forward to sharing with the community?

I'm looking forward to showing some new studio pieces in the Tresses art show opening on February 28. I also curate artwork for a few businesses in town -- I have a great display of Matt Wilkinson and Jane Glotzer's art at Dazzle and I'm showing Phil Bender's work at The Lobby. I'm also looking forward to showing Marie Gibbons's new art at The MacSpa.

If you could collaborate with anyone in history, who would it be, and why?

Guy Peellaert and my grandfather, Ed Urban. They are both huge influences on my current studio work.

Who in the world is interesting to you right now, and why?

Paul Middendorf. Paul is an artist and amazing curator in Houston, Texas. He's done great shows in New York, Florida, and Germany and Houston. And he's rocking it with his project, galleryHOMELAND, in Portland.

What's one art trend you want to see die this year?

Wow, tough question. Even art that annoys me still engages me. I really don't want to see any trends die, just evolve.

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