The Die Hard franchises's five best kills -- and how you can win tickets to the marathon

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2. Die Hard
John McClane is nothing if not resourceful, often improvising his killing methods from whatever heavy and/or sharp objects might be at hand. In the fist film, broken glass evolves from an obstacle for the barefooted protagonist to an unlikely ally when it kills one of Hans Gruber's army of vaguely European henchmen, who falls into a window face first after McClane shoots him in the knees.

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1. Die Hard 2: Die Harder
John McClane stabs a goon in the eyeball with an icicle. Such badassery speaks for itself.

For a disturbingly detailed chronicle of all Die Hard deaths, visit the Die Hard Wiki.

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My favorite scene is from Live free or die hard when mclanes daughter tells him over the walkie how many men are really left still. Just like her dad..rebellious =)!


This would get me out the doghouses with my SO. I forgot to give him a bday present and Diehard tix would make his years!!!

Andrea Diehard Fan

Andrea Rosas
Andrea Rosas

I and my SO are Die Hard fans who would LOVE to see the marathon!! Andrea Rosas

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