Top five picks for the Boulder International Film Festival from Kathy and Robin Beeck

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The Boulder International Film Festival opens tonight with Muscle Shoals and continues through the weekend with three more days of independent cinema, symposiums and events featuring special guests from all over the world. It can be tricky to pick films from the festival's extensive schedule, so we asked co-founders Kathy and Robin Beeck for their top five picks. And they are:

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5) My Brother the Devil
February 15, 9:30 p.m., First United Methodist Church
Kathy Beeck:This is a great feature film that is set in London and it's a family story about a couple of brothers who become enmeshed in drug trade and gangs. It's a very suspenseful story and it's very well done and very well told and it's just a fabulous film and we really want to highlight that one. That's a great film.

4) Blancanieves
February 16, 5 p.m., First United Methodist Church
KB:Blancanieves is Snow White in Spanish, and this is an interesting film because it's kind of like The Artist in that it's a black-and-white, silent movie. It's a retelling of Snow White with a few twists in it, and it is just really well done and we really want to focus on that one as well.

3) A Band Called Death
February 16, 9:30 p.m., First United Methodist Church
KB: That's really about the first punk rock band that nobody's ever heard of. Three African-American brothers in Chicago started this group called Death and basically got through one album; they didn't even get it published before they broke up because the studios didn't like their name. And then just recently, someone discovered that album in the archives and now it's a huge, hot hit on the internet. It's just a great story about these guys. It's a great family story in addition to focusing on their music, so that's a fun one as well.

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