Brittany Gould talks about her piece for Design After Dark, "Dreaming in Another Language"

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Do you feel like your process is similar when creating something under a given idea?

Well, it's not totally similar; I don't think it could be. But I feel like I think a lot more about what I want to do, or I think a lot more beforehand about what it means. Normally, I'll just make something and then figure it out. Or I'll reinvent the project many times.

I had so many different ideas for this; when I'm making things for myself, I just go for it. I'm not on a deadline or trying to do anything other than make myself happy, I guess? (Laughs.) The deadline of this had to be about something specific, but I had been thinking about something already and applied it. It feels more comfortable that way.

I had some other ideas, but they didn't really feel like me. Originally I wanted magnets and to have a piece that was floating, but it wasn't going to work out. It would have been fun, but it wouldn't have been the same. I'm happy with what I did.

This is your second year participating in Design After Dark. How did you get involved?

Last year Darrin Alfred (curator of Design After Dark) saw a piece of mine in Ironwood. He saw my installation there and liked it, and contacted me through that. Then I guess he liked me enough to ask me back. It feels cool. It is an honor to feel like people who I think are important think that I'm worth it.

Where else can people see your work at the moment?

I have some sculptures at Ironwood and I'll be doing Artopia this year, too.

You also make music as Married In Berdichev, and Caldera Lakes with fellow musician Ava Aguila. Are you working on anything music-related lately?

I'm trying to record. I was hoping it was something that would be ready for summer, but we'll see. I'm booking a European tour (for Married In Berdichev) in the summer, I'm so excited. It's going to be with Nick Houde, who's now living in Berlin.

I think Ava and I will try to do something before then -- I mean, we're just talking about it now. Which is nice that we're even talking about it, because we haven't played together in two years. It felt like magic. We've just lost track of each other, nothing weird. Just busy.

Oh, and I did start a new band! Well, we've only had six practices and we have three songs. It's me, Tyler Snow and James Yardley. We're just hanging out and making songs -- it's kind of gothy electronic stuff. It's pretty fun.

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