Chuck Roy on POTroast and his favorite public places to get high

It seems like it can be an easy way to win the audience over, with some stoners cheering just because you said something positive about weed.

[Laughs] You've obviously never told jokes to a stoned crowd. They're so slow to laugh. They're shy. Compared to a group of outgoing drunks, stoners tend to get a bit more introverted, the laughs are harder to get. They're more likely to nod, and tell you that the joke was funny, as opposed to laugh out loud. I turn down pot shows, or charge a lot of money, because the pacing and timing is off with stoners, as compared to a barroom or comedy club audience.

It's so interesting that you're having a marijuana event at a comedy club. Considering that comedy clubs have their two-drink minimum policy, and the whole A64 campaign was centered around treating alcohol like marijuana -- could you see a time when pot is served in comedy clubs? A two-joint minimum, perhaps?

Two-drink minimums are a common phrase, but it's really a two-order minimum. People can get food, which I think will be the stoner's cure. The brownie sundae at Comedy Works is my favorite thing to eat after smoking a bowl at a show.

I usually take a leisurely walk after I've introduced the headliner, and go take a minute to smoke before going in for the rest of the show. It's one of my favorite traditions -- that's the joy of living in Denver, and working at my favorite comedy club.

When I have a comedian in from out of town and I take him out for a smoke, I think that's when they see the real Denver. We're in the heart of downtown, and the comedians have moved the green room to a very scenic location. We don't just go around the corner to get a smoke in. We go to the bike path, which is a killer spot. Even the people who don't smoke come and hang out, and we just enjoy the moment. It reminds me that I moved to Denver for a certain lifestyle. I did Hollywood and I got so sick of traffic and Hollywood people. When I moved here it was about reclaiming my life, and taking time to enjoy things.

Speaking of Denver comedy, is there a notable difference in the performance a local comedian that does smoke pot regularly -- or just before showtime -- versus someone who never smokes?

No, I don't think you can really tell a difference. I've had super squeaky-clean corporate acts join me for a bowl, so I don't think you can tell. Whether it's a suit and tie, or wearing tie-die, you can't tell who's a stoner.

The Comedy Works POTroast will feature Chuck Roy, Steve McGrew, Josh Blue, Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald, Troy Baxley, George McClure, Derrick Rush, Jodee Champion, Sam Tallent, Grawlix member Andrew Orvedahl, Roger Rittenhouse and, in the role of lady marijuana herself, Nora Lynch. The show begins at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, February 27, at Comedy Works South, located at 5345 Landmark Place, Greenwood Village. Tickets are $15 and the show is 18+. For more information visit the event site.

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CORRECTION: The POT Roast is this Wednesday, February 27th at Comedy Works South, located at 5345 Landmark Place, Greenwood Village, CO 80111. Purchase tickets online at or call Comedy Works South at 720-274-6800


A comedian telling weed jokes, how original. I thought comics were suppose to bring a unique perspective 

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