Hip-hop 101: Preview the poetry of Jalon Martin, Adam Bradley's Montbello rap student

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Anthony Camera
Jalon Martin.
Why are Hispanics and African Americans called minorities?
Why are we portrayed as a word that means less than something else?
It was our cultures that contributed to the development
Of American society today. But we still remain a minority
I am a minority
But don't judge me by my appearance
Judge me by my knowledge
Don't judge me by my strength, but by my strength in words
Don't judge me by my past, but by my dreams
A minority is president
But people still can't accept and
Believe the true potential of minorities
I am called an African American
So why do I feel that I have to walk, talk
And think white to be accepted by America
At times I get convinced that in this society
I am just a percentage
A percentage that is expected not to go to college
A percentage that is expected to be locked up
Why does America get to decide who I become, who I am?
Am I a man who is meant for less, or destined for more?
Am I a man who needs to be changed, or brings the change?
You see my mind has been conditioned by this public school system
That with the right education, you can be anything
So why am I constantly portrayed as nothing
Now thanks to the American government
They got these Hispanics hiding and running
Breaking up all these families and they don't even do nothing
Just because they are who they are
They can be asked for their green cards
And then put them behind bars, and if you don't think that's wrong
You're inane
And maybe your mind is crazed, because if you think about it
Hispanics and blacks make up most of America's population today
Every race in this country has broken some type of law
But when a Hispanic or black does it
These judges and cops get to jumping off the walls
Just ready to put one in us
It don't really matter if we're living
It's a burden to bear, and people have lives to continue living
It's sad and thoughtless how minority deaths
Are way too common
We stay ready to kill each other
Over a 'hood or a color
We are all seen the same way
So why have we built a war with one another
In reality the real war is with these
Silly governmental people
Honestly we can fight this evil
The same way Mr. King and Chaves did
Then these stereotypical chains will turn to loving relief
And we'll start breaking away for change
Understanding our labeled name
And if we do this together
A minority we'll never be called again
I haven't been called an American
And in this civilization
I'll accept I'll never be one
I just hope America
Recognizes a real honest man
When they see one.

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