Hip-hop 101: Preview the poetry of Jalon Martin, Adam Bradley's Montbello rap student

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Adam Bradley.
Make It
I just want to make it.
All of this drama surrounding me
I don't know if I can take it
Give me your heart, baby and I promise that I won't break it
And all you superficial girls, way better completely naked
Excuse the language, the words that I have spoken
Are filled with so much emotion,
And created by the choices that I have chosen
I am a great man, society fails to notice
And I don't have a bad temper, I was just born to be ferocious
Mind of a killer, actions of a lover
No thought of having no father, all I need is my mother
Raised by my brothers, the pain that I have suffered
I cherish life day to day
Because it's never promises there will be another
I worship silence because your mouth can get you in trouble
Speak the truth, or don't speak at all
I don't get involved
With lowlifes
They don't got no life, so they decide to waste it
I wonder if I could have saved him
Inflamed we hate
I felt the pain
When he passed away
So I cleared my mind, built my pride
And was forced to open my eyes
On the road to riches
But society slashed my tires
I've been dedicated and meditated on medication
Hearts are racing
And bullets flying and cops are chasing
The law has done me wrong
So I ain't friendly to badges and white faces
The world, I understand now
I'm a man now
I don't need no hand-outs.
16 and having visions of the victory
My future is a mystery
My mind is filled with misery
I keep crying out to God but I think he's having trouble hearing me
(hand in air)
I pray to God that he destroys all this fear in me
Or who I fear to be
They say my future is looking bright
But when I look I see the streets
It's impossible to believe that we will ever have peace
In a world that was built on greed
My pride fits my needs
I will strive till I bleed
My position at the top is almost guaranteed
I'ma make it.

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