Reader: Judgmental Denver map misses the crackhead stretch of Colfax

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Bree Davies lives in what's called "Little Mexico" according to the
Judgmental Denver map, but she thinks the area known as "Loose Chihuahuas" should extend all the way up into her part of the city. And she'd also like to add "Giant Pit Bulls In Dirt Yards With Tiny Fences" to that description.

Everyone who's looked at the Judgmental Denver map has some suggestions for how it could be improved/extended.

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Donkay Hotay added his on take on Colfax:

Funny ... but true.

The hard-scrabble reality of Coldfacts Ave. ... west to east

West of I-25 = Hispanic Homeless Crackhead / Tweaker / Junkie Hookers
East of Broadway = White-Trash Homeless Insane Crackhead / Junkie Hookers
East of Monaco = Black Homeless Crackhead Hookers

How accurate is the Judgmental Denver map? Post your thoughts below, and watch for an interview with its creator on Show and Tell.

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