Menswear Mondays: Student Asgeir Baldursson on his U.K. look

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All photos by Mauricio Rocha
Not everyone was interested in the Super Bowl yesterday. Asgeir Baldursson, a Colorado College student, "didn't really care to watch the game, " he told us. But he did sport a fun rock-and-roll look when he met up with friends at the Denver Pavilions. Continue reading to find out his special connection to the United Kingdom, where he is from, and what inspires his stand-out street style.

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Name: Asgeir Baldursson.

Spotted at: Denver Pavilions.

Profession: Student at Colorado College.

Favorite film: Elvira, and I really like The House on Haunted Hill remake, too.

2013 jam: "Genocide" by Suicide Silence.

Style inspirations/icons: I've always dressed really punk; I grew up on Bad Religion.

Favorite color: Purple.

Favorite accessory: My ear plugs.

Style mantra: I just get dressed.

Shops at: Everywhere. H&M since I was little; there's one back home in Iceland.

These wooden gauges measure an inch and a half and have a heart cut-out design. Earplugs are Baldursson's favorite accessory.

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A friend of Baldursson works at the Colorado Springs-based Yo Yogurt. He represents with this purple rubber bracelet, which is also his favorite color.

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His U.K. belt matches his U.K. pants. Baldursson is from Iceland and his mother is British. He moved to Colorado five years ago. The graphic pants are a nice contrast to the red V-neck and black sleeveless hoodie.

AB shoes.jpg

Baldurssson's shoes feature a black-and-white checkerboard print and are simple slip-ons.

Style analysis: Baldursson takes a nihilistic approach to getting dressed. Even though he says he just throws on his clothes, the results are very distinct, and follow a punk-rock ethos of not giving a damn. His U.K. pants are special because his mother is British, and the bracelet has emotional value because of his friend.

Always dress in emotional value, Denver.

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