Photos: MTV's Made holds private audition for Auraria students

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MTV's hit show Made held a private audition on the Auraria campus Monday. There were around seventy brave souls in the waiting area on the third floor of the Tivoli, outside one of the ballrooms, patiently waiting their turn to spill their hearts out in hopes of being made. We caught up with five of the students auditioning to hear about their aspirations for the show.

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Antonio Valenzuela
Alexandra Alvarado waits with her friend Miriam to audition.
Alexandra Alvarado
Made hopes: To lose weight.
Why: "I just want to be happy and confident so that I can do anything I want to in my life."

Antonio Valenzuela
Ybarra hopes to strum his way into the hearts of the producers.
Eric Ybarra Made hopes: To build his business Epic Productions into the next big thing. Why: "I would be a strong candidate with a unique goal. I have been the president of the Future Business Leaders of America and I have placed as high as fourth in a state business tournament before."
Antonio Valenzuela
Trexler hopes to rehab in far away places.
Lee Traxler Made hopes: To rehab his injured knee with doctors in India. Why: "I injured my knee a few years back and it has just really stopped me from living the life I love: going rock-climbing, skateboarding, snowboarding. It's just been a battle. I've had over four surgeries in the last couple years."

Antonio Valenzuela
Sharayah Hefner is pictured on the left wearing a hat.
Sharayah Hefner
Made Hopes: To be a working actress.
Why: "I want to get an agent and some auditions. I have been in a lot of plays in elementary and high school, but I especially love improv."

Antonio Valenzuela
Verini working on his screenplay before auditioning.
Vic Verini
Made hopes: To be a paid screenwriter.
Why: "I go to Metro for psychology but I have written one screenplay and I want to do what any happy writer does, right? Sell work."

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