Pauly Shore on Stephen Baldwin, Timothy McVeigh and The Weasel

Are these the types of subjects that you address in your standup act? The new, older Pauly Shore -- he's not The Weasel anymore.

I think my new standup is more autobiographical. Everyone comes to the show having seen me in Son in Law and Bio-Dome, and they don't know my past before that. Probably about 50 percent of them don't know that my mom owns The Store, and my dad's a comedian and Sam Kinison babysat me. So that's where my comedy's at, it's entering the next phase. Sort of like how Mike Tyson has a one-man show. It's like that -- I'm talking about my pre-Weasel childhood.

At that time you were around such an excess of drugs and booze, many of those characters either dying off or getting clean, but you're not known for being a fucked-up celebrity in and out of court and rehab. In fact, that reminds me of your part in the Kid 'n Play movie Class Act, where you're an anti-drug advocate.

I'm actually pretty PG-13, believe it or not. My standup's a little lewd, but I'm America. I'm almost the stoner version of Larry The Cable Guy, you know? Son in Law really identified my audience.

But it's not too associated with drugs, despite the impaired speech. Was it being around all that as a kid that turned you off of drugs?

If you look at my Twitter, it says "dance with the devil, don't become the devil." That's something I came up with a long time ago. Like, it's okay get fucked up, just don't become the person that's fucked up.

But you were dabbling in drugs a little bit at that time.

Sure. Of course.

But it never got out of hand?

Not really. Mostly with chicks it got a little out of hand. I was just so into it, I was in my twenties. It became important for me to meet girls after my shows, important for me to go on the road and meet girls. And then going up to the Playboy Mansion and meeting hot chicks -- I used to jerk off to Playboy, and then I was jerking onto Playboy girls, it was pretty cool.

Pauly Shore will be performing at The Denver Improv February 22 through February 24. Tickets are $24. Click here for more information.

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