Video: Dancers at Nerd Prom 2013 close the night with "Time of My Life"

nerd prom 2013 5.jpg
It's official! With two -- count them, two -- Trekkie-filled, tomb-raiding, Spandex-clad parties behind its name, Bop Skizzum's Nerd Prom is now an annual event. On Saturday night, hordes of heroes and heroines flew to the Summit Music Hall and shook both the capes and bodies their mama gave them on the dance floor. Photographer Danielle Lirette captured the people and costumes in our full slide show, and we've got bonus video of some of the night's best moves. Keep reading for footage of the last dance (and break dance) of Nerd Prom 2013.

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And here are some of our favorite scenes from the slide show:

nerd prom 2013 1.jpg

nerd prom 2013 2.jpg

nerd prom 2013 3.jpg

nerd prom 2013 4.jpg

For more photos, visit our full collection.

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Summit Music Hall

1902 Blake St., Denver, CO

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