Weird love: The ten strangest onscreen couples

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4) Gnaghi and Valentina from Cemetery Man
Is there any love so pure as that between a childlike imbecile and the zombified severed head of a teen girl that he keeps in a gutted television set? Surprisingly, no. The off-kilter Cemetery Man is full of morbid musings on sex and death, but the relationship between the two is actually kind of sweet. No, seriously, it's sweet in that peculiar way that only a romance between a gravedigger's assistant whose only method of communication is to grunt "Gna" and the undead head of the daughter of the town's mayor, killed tragically in a motorcycle accident, can be.

3) Max and Margaret from Max, Mon Amour
It's one of the more obscure films on this list, but that doesn't make it any less deserving. Regardless of its underground status, this tale of love between a woman and a chimpanzee deserves a place of honor on any list of weirdest couples because, duh. The bizarre film pairs a Japanese director with a French screenwriter to tell a tale of one hell of a love triangle (she's married, to a human). It's a perverse spoof of ribald French comedies that features some ape-lovin' scenes that will make you squirm even more than Charlton Heston's ape makeout in Planet of the Apes. After all, that dude was hairy enough to almost be an ape, anyway.

2) Howard and Beverly from Howard the Duck
No matter what kind of bad-for-you mates attract you, rest assured there are people with worse judgment out there. People like Beverly, for example, a singer for the punk-rock band Cherry Bomb who manages to fall for an anthropomorphic duck from another dimension. Sure, he rescues her a couple of times and helps her get out of a bad contract, but then there's that whole duck thing. It's a bad idea on so many levels, and the feathers are just the start of it. Look, just do a Google image search for duck penis (obviously NSFW, unless you work in animal husbandry) and you'll understand why this was just wrong from the start.

1) Beverly/Elliot and Claire from Dead Ringers
Why end on a weird couple when you can end on a weird trio? Beverly and Elliot Mantle are twin brothers who are successful gynecologists. Elliot has a habit of seducing women who come to his clinic, which is pretty unethical. He then has his twin brother Beverly continue the affair once he gets tired of it, which is a touch more unethical. Then Claire comes into their lives and things get really weird, because hey, twin brother gynecologists that share women isn't weird enough, right? What comes next is a hallucinogenic mess of drug addiction, experimental gynecological instruments and murder-suicide. Best of all, it's based, loosely, on a true story.

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