Weird love: The ten strangest onscreen couples

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7) Lars and Bianca from Lars and the Real Girl
Love comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it even comes in a shipping crate, as in Lars and the Real Girl, a surprisingly touching story about a man and his love for an anatomically correct sex doll. It probably doesn't hurt that the man in question is Ryan Gosling, who, despite being probably the third handsomest man to ever live, somehow manages to pull off the role of a guy so awkward and socially inept he can't usually manage to have dinner with his family. It also doesn't hurt that despite one partner being a sex doll, the relationship is chaste. Chastity or not, real love for a fake girl qualifies you for a spot on this list.

6) Jonathan and Emmy from Mannequin
Continuing the theme of real love for plastic ladies, let us now recall one of the stranger '80s comedy hits, Mannequin. Jonathan is a sculptor who loses his job in a mannequin factory for refusing to rush his "art" (yes, really). Then he gets a job window dressing a department store, where the mannequin that caused him to be fired works. Er, lives. Exists? Anyway, the mannequin comes to life, calls herself Emmy, they fall in love and many awkward situations occur because she turns back to cold, unmoving plastic when anyone else is around. Or maybe because he's fucking nuts, if you prefer a more realistic and darker interpretation of the story.

5) Andrew and Portia from Bicentennial Man
Rounding out the trio of love for plastic facsimiles of humanity, and proving that it's not only men who can be swayed by the artificial, Bicentennial Man features at its center a relationship between a robot named Andrew and a human woman named Portia. He wants to be declared human so they can marry, but the World Congress says, "No way, dude," citing the fact that his immortal status would cause jealousy among standard-issue humans and proving that future congress is full of just as many dickbags as our current Congress. Then he figures out a way that he can become more human, even eventually age and die, so they can be together officially. Dead, sure, but together. Ah, romance. It apparently will never stop causing people to do dumbass things, even in the future when those people are robots.

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