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Via Loveland's Facebook
Update: Congratulations to andsolgo! You've won two day passes to Loveland. Check your email for details on how to claim them.

Original post: Valentine's Day is coming up next week, and if you haven't already, it's time to decide where you stand, whether to gift and how much to spend. In honor of the holiday spirit, Show and Tell has a free option for you, no anxiety required: We're giving away two free day passes to Loveland Ski Area. Continue reading for details on how to treat your partner -- or yourself. (We're not judging.)

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To enter:

1. "Like" us on Facebook, which you can do right here. (Note: If you're already following us on Facebook, you're already eligible to enter; proceed to step two.)

2. Sign in to Livefyre with your Facebook account and then leave us a comment below with your e-mail address and why you deserve the tickets.

3. Then, check back early next week to see if you've won. Quick heads-up: These are hard tickets, so you'll need to stop by our office at 969 Broadway to pick them up.

4. Sit back and relax. Good luck!

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Cansano Italian Market & Deli

88 Lamar St., Broomfield, CO

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Just to let you know @Fletcherneedsajob I won these tickets!!!! Woo Hoo Thanks Westword!! You guys rock, can't wait to ski Loveland!!


Checking back to see if a winner has been posted somewhere other than here.


Haven't been up once this year to Loveland and would love to go. Thanks!


After missing half the winter in Denver, I was anxious to get back and hit the slopes. Sadly, I can't really afford a pass on my own and hiking up the backcountry doesn't seem like a viable option to get some runs in. This could be my only hope.


I'm always looking for fun in the outdoors. I would love to win a set of day passes to Loveland!

Thanks for the chance!

Fletcherneedsajob topcommenter

Because I would love to ski with a friend of mine who doesn't have the same pass I do.

Let's hope you guys actually give these tickets away instead of deleting the contest like you did with that last movie ticket giveaway.

Kwhip moderator

@Fletcherneedsajob Sorry about that last contest! We ran into a technical error. We'll be continuing our regular movie ticket giveaways, however, so you'll have another chance soon. 

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