Womenswear Wednesdays: Investor Melina Ward on her borrowed style

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All photos by Mauricio Rocha
Groups of friends have been enjoying nights out in the nice weather this week -- and when it comes to street style, friends are always a good accessory. Education and insurance investor Melina Ward was spotted with her pals in tow, and was even wearing her friend's coat at the time. Continue reading to discover Ward's style icons, which designer made her shades, and even what's in her bag.

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Name: Melina Ward.

Spotted at: 20th and Larimer streets.

Profession: Education and insurance investor.

Favorite film: Mary Poppins.

2013 jam: The Lungs album by Florence and the Machine.

Style inspirations/icons: I really like Blondie and Michael J. Fox. He never has any drama, even though he has a lot of things to deal with. I appreciate his attitude. And I'm not going to lie: I like Britney Spears, too.

Favorite color: White.

Favorite accessory: Shoes.

Style mantra: I try to be a bit bohemian with neutral colors, but with a pop of color as well.

Shops at: I shop online and at consignment shops. I like Amazon.com and Overstock.com.

melina necklace.jpg
The gold necklace Ward is wearing bears her name, Melina. "I just like to feel comfortable and to have fun. Sometimes I feel if you wear the right clothes, you don't have to do so much with the make-up," she says.

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These brown boots are knee-high and give Ward some height. "These boots are five years old and I recently had them refinished because I love them so much," she says.

Go to page 2 to see the what's in Melina Ward's purse!

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